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Bessy Cup is a menstrual cup designed to sit inside the vaginal canal to collect menstrual fluid. 

With the right size, it’s even more comfortable than the usual sanitary pads and tampons. You won’t even realize it’s there! 

It’s reusable too, so you don’t have to buy it every month. Spend less while saving the planet.


Say goodbye to uncomfortable pads and tampons that can cause dryness and irritation, and say hello to comfortable, 12-hour protection by your period BFF!


Here are 5 life-changing reasons to make the switch to Bessy Cup.
One menstrual cup replaces thousands of single-use period products. You help significantly reduce the worldwide annual average of 150 billion units of pads and tampons that end up in the landfills.
You will spend around ₱1,500 per year on sanitary pads. Replace that with one menstrual cup that lasts for up to 10 years, and that’s up to ₱15,000 in possible savings.
Menstrual cup is soft and flexible so it adapts to your shape. You won’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all. It’s also 95% less likely to leak than traditional pads or tampons.
Bessy Cup is made out of 100% medical-grade silicone and contains no harmful chemicals – no BPA, no latex, no toxic additives. Plus, it won’t disrupt the delicate pH of the vagina, so it’s guaranteed safe to wear.
Bessy Cup can hold up to 4 times more than regular pads and tampons, saving you trips to the bathroom. And you can wear it for up to 12 hours, so you can go for a swim or go to the gym without worrying about your period.


Fold and insert
Wear and relax
Remove and clean


Sizing isn’t an exact science. There are a couple of factors to consider.

But we like to keep it simple. Here is a quick guide to knowing your size.


If you’re a teenager
or have low cervix


If you’re a
first-time user


If you’ve had
vaginal birth
You can also take our cup size quiz to help you decide.

Please remember that these are guidelines only.

Everybody is different. Ultimately, your comfort is the goal.

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which bessy cup size should i get?

To tell you honestly, sizing isn’t an exact science. Yes, there are a couple of factors to consider. But we like to keep it simple. If you’re a teenager or have a low cervix, we suggest you get size T. If you’re a first-time user, we suggest you get size S. If you’ve had a vaginal birth, we suggest you get size L. Please remember that these are guidelines only. Each body is different. Ultimately, your comfort is the goal. For a more comprehensive size guide, you can take our Cup Size Quiz. If you still need help, send us a message here and we’ll be happy to help.

How long can I wear my Bessy Cup?

You can wear your Bessy Cup for up to 12 hours. But on heavier flow days, you might need to empty it every 3-4 hours to avoid any leaks.

Can I sleep with my Bessy Cup in?

Yes, absolutely. Since you can wear it for 12 hours, you can pop it in before bed and rest easy.

Can my Bessy Cup get lost inside me?

The quick answer is no, so don’t panic if it’s hard to find the stem of the cup when it’s time to remove it. It’s anatomically impossible for the cup to pass through the cervix into the uterus so there’s really nowhere for it to go. You can try squatting or bearing down to help push the cup out. If it doesn’t help, wait for the cup to fill with more blood to weigh it down.

Will my Bessy Cup leak if I exercise?

If you are wearing the right size cup, you should be able to move about without worrying about any leaks. In fact, you can do any activity you want – swim, hike, ride a bike – as long as you feel like it, of course. Let your body guide you in what feels good and what doesn’t.

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